Cali Afroshow 2015: un éxito.

Cali Afroshow 2015: A hit.

There was fashion, there was dancing, there was magic, there was a show. The fourth edition of Cali Afroshow, the National Fair of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Afro promised to be an event for everyone, and achieved more.

The exclusivity of African identity and its incomparable cultural wealth was skin-on and models, assistants, designers and entrepreneurs who lived on 27 and 28 November the development of a unique fashion show.

They were two days of trade shows and business forums that were part of some of the best brands present in the African industry in Colombia; a booming industry in the world and has created its niche also in the national peaceful.

Cali Afroshow 2015 was an accomplice of the best versions of designers like Raul Briceno, who left in the public’s grace pluri ethnic fashion, cosmopolitan men and women, exquisite taste.

It was also Cali Afroshow space in which Lia Samantha managed to convince attendees Marriot Hotel that African taste can be everyone’s taste, that the geometry and the colors of these fabrics can dress the most contrasting skin tones , that the magic of the African aesthetic is inherent in every human being.

Children’s catwalks had a unique moment in Cali Afroshow 2015. Children, promises of modeling, color painted the event and aesthetic character dressed by Lidsa Erika Cruz and Castro proposals.
Palms, insurance, belong to the organization of the event. Develop the fourth version of the only meeting of African fashion in Colombia is a big challenge, but it is a major achievement. A corporation ANECAF corresponds joy of innovators, of those who create, think and see beyond.

No doubt the Cali Afroshow continue to grow year after year, managing to rescue the best of African culture and fashion; pointing a starting point for progressive strength of its industry and its aesthetic qualities.

Is to thank the designers, models, entrepreneurs, organizers team headed by James Biuza; but above all, it is to mention the public as the raison d’etre of the magic that filled the Marriot Hotel, and made this event will continue to be the meeting of fashion, health, beauty and cosmetic afro largest in Latin America.

Cali Is The New Black#CaliIsTheNewBlack, realza el empoderamiento de un nuevo ciudadano, en conjunto con sus nuevas propuestas de valor en el marco económico, social y cultural.

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